30+ years marketing experience for consumer goods and services, from small local business to international brands.

    • Highly adaptable marketing leader with a capacity to manage business, manage teams, and direct complex projects.
    • Customer oriented, results driven.
    • Proven track record of key decision-making to drive sales and profitability.
    • Able to turn analytics into actionable ideas to improve marketing.
    • Able to build, mentor and retain top-performing staff.
    • Experience with sourcing service providers, launching and revamping websites, copy writing, paid search programs, email marketing, web analytics, blogs and social media, as well as print and other offline marketing initiatives.


“WordSmiths Unite” by Yves Rocher graphic artist Kristina Burbich. Gail is unapologetic about her Diet Coke addiction but concedes to be being just a tad bit quirky.

“Finding the perfect words can be addicting! My Yves Rocher colleagues called me The Wordsmith because I would still be editing the copy when it was time to go to film! I insist on straightforward marketing messages, to communicate key points of difference. When presented with clear information on the company, products and services…customers can achieve their goals.”


West Chester University/ School of Business and Public Affairs
BS in Marketing, Minor in French

Her first marketing position at Yves Rocher was the dream job for any new college grad. A French skin care giant and direct merchant of all things beauty, the international company was the ideal place for experience in all aspects of marketing including, DRTV, direct mail, A/B testing, promotional incentives and ultimately the web. With the shift towards online shopping, Gail ultimately led the company to modernize its North American web platform and played in important through leadership role in the company's European ecommerce renovation.

Today, she continues to help companies from various industries develop their websites in order to cultivate new clients, engage existing clients and drive overall success.

In addition to working with several local professionals within the real estate industry, she is the US Client Manager at Salon Guru, a group of highly-skilled people with the experience and knowledge needed to create the best salon websites and marketing in the world.