“It is always great speaking with you. You have helped us tremendously with our website and great marketing tips.”

Terri Sirianni, President of BMC Keystone Corp.

“Bringing Gail aboard as our marketing director was one of the best decisions that I ever made for our business. From direct mail marketing to social media and serving as the project manager both times that we modernized our company website, Gail’s expertise has been an essential element to our success.”

Frank Dowd, Founder of ALT Title, via LinkedIn

“Thanks for always keeping us in mind and continuing to look for things to help our site improve!”

Franco D’Angelo, Mortgage Advisor, BMC Keystone Home Mortgage

“Gail has achieved fantastic results in E-Commerce ; initiated and executed the launch of a completely new E-commerce platform ,generated great growth for the e-mail , paid search and affiliate programs . She has always been a great team player , always 200% dedication to the job with endless optimism . No matter how difficult the task always a smile on her face !!”

Frank Van Der Ree, VP Marketing Yves Rocher North America

“Gail has more drive, enthusiasm, and initiative than anyone that I have ever worked with. As the Marketing Director of Yves Rocher she was always pushing the envelope to create new and powerful campaigns that always had a positive return on ROI and conversions. Gail brings with her a vast range of knowledge and experience that would benefit any team. I would highly recommend Gail u0026amp; gladly work with her again if given the opportunity.”

Kristina Burbich, Graphic Artist

"Thank you for being you and knowing so much about all of this 🙂   We can't thank you enough for everything you have done. "

Melissa Friling, Realtor, Broker of Record

Hey Gail

Give yourself a pat on the back again. Someone called and booked an appointment. I found her through Thumbtack and sent her a link to my website. She said my website was well done, transparent, and honest.

Tony L., Board Certified Hypnotist

“Gail is extremely dedicated and hard-working. She is very approachable and has a great sense of humor.”

Camille Cassigneul McCaffrey via LinkedIn

“I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy working with you and have been so impressed with what you do. “

Meg Harrington, the Law Offices of Margaret M. Harrington, P.C.